Two new certification courses in LMS: SuperSign Cloud and LG ConnectedCare

With the establishment of our new LMS (learning management system) last year DSL offers to partners as well as to internal members a learning system where they can access all necessary information about LG products, e.g. LED, SuperSign CMS or Pro:Centric Direct, from Onboarding to expert certifications. The special mixture of challenging quizzes, exploratory videos and diverse text elements offers the perfect learning opportunity for everyone.

With SuperSign Cloud and ConnectedCare, two new software certification courses were successfully released to the public. Both courses offer a great combination of videos, quizzes and self-practicing tasks which allow the learner to access a test environment and develop the different scenarios on his own.

Apart from that, after successful completion of the hands-on test which is evaluated by DSL team, the learner is able to download his personalized certification. 
Definitely worth to take a closer look!

Over the next weeks and months there will be more courses and certifications to come, e.g. about Videowalls and our famous MAGNIT. Stay tuned!