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ConnectedCare certification (Level 3)

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  • 5 Chapters
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In this official certification course on LG Connected Care, you will learn how to effectively manage, monitor, and maintain your digital signage devices using the platform's robust suite of tools. You'll gain hands-on experience with device registration, remote control, analytics, issue management, and administration, while also exploring advanced features such as energy management, content management, and notifications. By the end of the course, you'll be well-equipped to optimize your digital signage monitors, address issues proactively, and leverage the full potential of the LG Connected Care platform for a seamless and efficient digital signage experience. 

Main audience

System integrators and technical partners, as the primary audience for the LG Connected Care course, are responsible for designing and maintaining digital signage solutions. With their expertise in hardware and software components, they provide customized solutions to enhance customer experiences. This course equips them with the necessary skills to manage, monitor, and maintain LG Connected Care-enabled digital signage devices effectively.